Tuesday, June 6th
5:20PM GMT
ZZRC Chain Reaction Sub 2
Group Ride
A very warm ZZRC welcome to our Chain Reaction Sub 2. This is a group ride, not a race, where we encourage riding together.
You will be fully supported and encouraged throughout the ride by the Leader and Sweeps.

For “In Ride Group Chat” use Discord. https://discord.gg/RJ3dhbjCEpOpens a new window

ZZRC or Zwift Zlow Riders Club are one of the oldest, best established organisers of group rides on Zwift. ZZRC actually started organising Group rides way back in 2015.

Our leaders try hard to ride at the advertised pace.
Please join our Facebook group: ZZRC - (We Pace - Not Race).

This ride is a relaxed paced group ride and we expect the ride LEADER (who has a yellow beacon over their head) to average around 1.7-1.9 w/kg. This is AVERAGE pace for the whole ride and at BRIEF times, especially on sprints and climbs, the ride leader may slightly exceed this pace.

Our aims is to ride as a social group and the leader may use the Fence to help encourage that. If there is no Fence, then please pace with the leader and not any Flyers who decide to ride off the front.

The draft effect means if you’re fall off the back of the main group you need to pace well over the group pace to bridge the gap and catch. As a guide 2.0 to 2.5 w/kg is needed for a solo rider to catch a group at 1.5w/kg.

We try to arrange a Sweeper and help for the Sweeper on our 1.7-1.9 w/kg rides. The Sweeper will have the red beacon.

Sweepers are stronger riders who have volunteered to help by lending a wheel so you can use their draft to get you back to the main group. ZZRC Sweepers are simply the kindest, most generous, big hearted riders on Zwift!

Even if we don’t have an official sweeper, we may well have some riders on the ride who are prepared to help sweep.

If you find yourself off the back of the main group:

A) Shortly after the start - Consider exiting the event and re-joining as a late joiner (late join is available for the first 30 minutes to allow you to re-joi). Zwift's late join feature SHOULD teleport you into the main pack when you re-join.

B) After a signal drop out or other issue – QUICKLY send a message to the group we will try to arrange for the Sweeper and some of the stronger riders to drop back and help. Try to send that message as soon as a gap forms, Sweepers are unlikely to be able to help if you’re more than 45 seconds behind.

Otherwise check the mini-map for riders around you, form a gruppetto with them, support each other, chat, give "ride ons", make Zwift buddies.


TT Bikes don’t draft and require you push harder to pace within a group. Also the Sweeper cannot help you back to the group if you fall behind. To help avoid these issues we do not allow TT Bikes on ZZRC Rides.


1) Stay close to the ride leader (or just in front on climbs), don’t let a gap form and the elastic snap!

2) Stay away from the Fence – it is evil.

3) Visit the ZZRC Facebook page.

4) Most important of all . . . HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE RIDE.