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Sunday, August 13th
8:45AM GMT
Split-Cats 50k Race by VirtuSlo 4Endurance
This event has the following requirements:
category enforcement iconCategory Enforced.
heart rate monitor required iconHeart Rate Monitor required.
power meter required iconPower Meter required.
Visit for more information on race rules.
VirtuSlo 4Endurance Races with Split-Categories and new PACK DYNAMICS 4.1.

PEN -> zFTP W/kg / zMAP Wkg / Compound Score (5min Wkg * 5min Watts)
Pen A - > 4.2 W/kg / > 5.1 W/kg / > 2000
Pen B - > 3.8 W/kg / > 4.6 W/kg / > 1650
Pen C - > 3.36 W/kg / > 4.1 W/kg / > 1350
Pen D - > 2.9 W/kg / > 3.6 W/kg / > 1100
Pen E - < 2.9 W/kg / < 3.6 W/kg / < 1100
Check your Category Enforcement and Power Curve at a new window

Pack Dynamics 4.1 important changes:
Overtaking someone that is not drafting should now be harder. With the goal of reducing “churning” at the front of groups, for you to overtake someone that is not drafting you will need to put out enough “net power”. Net power is the power to overcome the opposing forces like if you are not drafting. So basically you will be tested like if you are not drafting to see if your power is enough to produce the speed to overtake. This doesn’t mean you need to do more raw power or watts/kg than the person in front.

RESULTS will be available at a new window and a new window

WINNER of the day is rider First Across the Line (FAL)

ELITE Level Performances above 5W/kg (20 mins); 6W/kg (5 mins); 9W/kg (1 min) are expected to be supported by dual (power) recordings from reputable power sources or easily verifiable outside data.
Zwift Activities must be saved publicly for Podiums.

RACE Settings and Hardware Requirement
1. No Powerups
2. Pack Dynamics 4.1 with Steering
3. No TT Bikes
4. Participants must be registered on to be included in the results
5. Smart trainer or Power Meter required.
6. Heart Rate Monitor required.

VirtuSlo 4Endurance Race Schedule
More info: a new window
- Wednesday at 17:40 UTC / 19:40 CEST - VirtuSlo Tour Fight for GC
Monthly series with GC and Team GC Classification with Bonus seconds
- Friday at 16:45 UTC / 18:45 CEST - VirtuSlo 4Endurance Friday Race
- Sunday at 8:45 UTC / 10:45 CEST - VirtuSlo 4Endurance Sunday Race

Zwiftpower results: questions, complaints, etc., please contact us at a new window

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