Monday, July 8th
5:30PM GMT
Group Ride
Come join MHG, FMR, ZLDR, and PACK for a collaborative event. This event is about harmonizing the clubs within Zwift. The separate clubs while each are amazing bringing people together, our goal here is to make the entire Zwift run community one!

Please feel free to go whatever pace you please. Some will be doing recovery, others a steady progressive pace, and others looking for a new PB. Whatever your pace or distance, we welcome you to come with us on this journey. Life is not a race to the finish but a journey to be enjoyed. We are going to do our best to help you enjoy your run today, maybe make some new friends, and help you with your fitness. MHG/FMR/ZLDR all have the same goals and that’s to help you be a better and healthier version of you, one event at a time.

About MHG:
Back in January 2021, Eddie Izzard ran 32 marathons in 31 days. The Zwift community rallied together and joined the action all month long. This inspired us to create the MHG Run Club, which continues Eddie’s incredible efforts of making humanity great.
The MHG Run Club motivates and supports everybody, whether you’re looking for tips to achieve your training goals or looking for a group to bond and socialize with. A light-minded Zwift runners group, for runners of all abilities, friendly chat and a good laugh :)
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About FMR:
Film My Run began in 2014, the simple concept being to take my camera out and film my runs. A YouTube channel followed and soon we were being asked by Race Directors to film their runs! Once Zwift Running came along we began live streaming all our Zwift runs and the FMR community has grown from there. 
Whilst not an official Zwift Club, FMR organises various runs on the calendar and leads many others. But a big focus of FMR is highlighting interesting and useful runs for the community. Which is why we have close ties with the MHG, PACK and ZLDR clubs.
If you would like to watch live Zwift running then head over to
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About ZLDR:
ZLDR is a group of diverse people, from speed demons to walkers, from people just getting to their first 5k to ultra runners. We are here to support your running dreams and help you develop your running skills. We are a collective group of supportive and experienced runners and walkers who want to help you set and achieve new goals!
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About PACK:
PACK is a multi sport group that focuses on foundational events that promote health and well-being in a safe and friendly environment. Our motto is: “Stronger Together”. Based around the ethos of a no-drop ride, we set out to make sure everyone has a place within the group while providing flexibility to grow as an athlete.
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