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Monday, April 9th
6:00PM GMT
Criterium Racing League (BRT) sponsored by Primal Europe (A, B, C, D)
Criterium Racing League sponsored by Primal Europe (www.primaleurope.comOpens a new window)

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Results drawn from

- Riders going over 5wkg at 95% of 20 minute power will be removed from results.
- Riders going over 6wkg for 5 minute power will be removed from results.
- Heart rate monitors must be worn for category wins.
- zPower riders aren't eligible for category wins.
- All bikes permitted.
- No power ups permitted.
- Riders going over category limits will be automatically promoted in the official results.
- When a rider has been automatically promoted they are expected to race in their new category for all future events.

- Points can only be earned in the correct category a participant races in.
- Racing in a incorrect category will void any points accrued. This includes a riders history in other Zwift events (checks will be made at the end of the league)
- Points will not carry over when a rider automatically upgrades in a current league.
- Best 8 of 10 races count to final standings.

Please use your FTP divided by your weight to select the correct category below.
(A) 4 - 5 W/kg
(B) 3.2 - 3.99 W/kg
(C) 2.5 - 3.19 W/kg
(D) 0 - 2.49 W/kg

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Please visit www.primaleurope.comOpens a new window where you’ll find the latest cycling clothing for all seasons including men’s,women’s,outerwear plus custom designs.
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