Zwift Reaches 100 Million Miles

Zwift Reaches 100 Million Miles

ON March 30, 2017 by Zwift

Wow—we’re psyched to tell you that Zwift’s odometer now reads over 100 million miles. That’s right: In terms of all the riding ever logged on Zwift, recently the community collectively put us over the 100,000,000-mile (161 million km) mark. That’s farther than the distance to the sun, 419 trips to the moon, 1.7 billion footballs fields…well, you get the point. So get off your bikes—maybe just for a minute—and take a bow. We’re tremendously thankful and humbled by your continued achievements in the digital world of Zwift.

“I remember our excitement when we broke the 250-thousand-mile mark—it was a definite milestone, confirming our belief that we could transform indoor cycling and build a real community,” says Zwift Co-Founder and CEO Eric Min. “What excites me even more? The potential of our amazing community as we make it even easier for more people to get more active, more often with new disciplines like running and expanded platforms such as Apple TV and Android.”

Only three quick years ago, we launched our first route on Zwift Island to our pioneering beta participants. Shaped something like a snowman, it measured about six kilometers around and showed up on Strava on the tiny (and real) South Pacific landmass known as Jarvis Island.

Since those humble beginnings, we’ve gained momentum—both in terms of participation and riding opportunities. We introduced Watopia, the digital utopia where watts rule supreme, and expanded riding options with intersections and the ability to choose direction with turning. We followed with a course that traces Richmond, Virginia’s UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) 2015 Road World Championships and added training plans and workouts for structured training. We climbed new heights with the mountain expansion on Watopia, hosted over 500 mass start events a month, introduced riding in London, and most recently, turned up the heat with Watopia’s volcano expansion.

The future unquestionably holds more routes, choices and surprises for Zwift riders.

“We’re thrilled that the community keeps asking for more,” says Jon Mayfield, Zwift’s Co-Founder, and head of product. “As we see it, our job is to make the next hundred million miles even more interesting, challenging and fun than the first hundred million.”

See you out on the road.

Ride On.