Prudential RideLondon 2019

Prudential RideLondon 2019

ON March 27, 2019 by Obi Winter

Zwift is proud to be back as the official training partner of the Prudential RideLondon. With new training plans, the Drop Shop, and more, preparing for RideLondon on Zwift will be more fun than ever. And perfect for those with busy schedules.

You will soon be able to find all the training plans in game. Once available, just head to the training menu and choose between the RideLondon 46 or the RideLondon 100.

Plans to Help You Nail Your Personal Best

Our training plans for Prudential RideLondon are for riders who want to set a personal best at the 100-mile or 46-mile RideLondon events. The initial portion of the plans include sessions that improve your body’s ability to use energy to cycle faster. The middle portion focus on strength sessions to build the endurance you’ll need. The final section focuses on long tempo rides, VO2 max, and anaerobic work to help you put the finishing touches on your fitness before the big event.

Fitness that Fits Your Schedule

Most sessions are about an hour long. You’ll also find longer workouts designed to develop your endurance for the demands of RideLondon, so you’ll be prepared for the event.

There are four structured sessions a week, as well as an optional free ride. If you miss or skip a session, just move on to the next one on the schedule.

Pro tip: don’t worry about completing every workout. Concentrate on being well-prepared — that includes being properly rested — to execute your training successfully.

How to Start

Find both RideLondon plans within the training menu in Zwift. Whether you are training with a power meter, heart rate monitor, or a speed sensor, Zwift will quantify your effort and prescribe interval durations and intensity for you. Just follow the directions, share some Ride Ons with fellow Zwifters, and your fitness will take care of itself.

Also on the schedule? Coming soon are Prudential RideLondon Group Workouts in Zwift. These training sessions unite riders of all abilities into a single peloton as they follow a structured workout together. With Group Workouts, as long as you keep pedaling, you stay with the group!

Training Outside

Taking training sessions outside or even incorporating them into your daily commute is also possible. Be sure to mind traffic, terrain, and road conditions. You may find that using outside rides as unstructured rides and following the training plan indoors is the best of both worlds.

Click here to check out the plans on the Prudential RideLondon website