Announcing the Watopia Collection!

Announcing the Watopia Collection!

ON May 28, 2019 by Zwift

New threads from Zwift have arrived!

Enter the Watopia Collection. Colorful, punchy, and fun, the new Watopia Collection is a nod to our most popular world, featuring elements—plus a small hidden piece of wildlife—from each area. Kits. Tees. Socks. Water bottles. And beyond.

Fly our colors before, during, or after your next real-life race or indoor ride. Blue, green, orange, or pink, this collection is the perfect way to show your Zwift spirit. We’re all part of the Zwift family. Now we have a way to show it!

Watopia Collection:
Cycling Jerseys

Designed in Watopia and manufactured in Italy, these jerseys are constructed from microfiber polyester fabric on the torso with lightweight all-way stretch shoulder panels. All our cycling jerseys deliver superior fit, wicking, and breathability with a casual cut that ensures comfort. Learn more on

Flat Loop Domestique Jersey

Men’s Jersey // Women’s Jersey

Bring the sunset vibes of Watopia to your next IRL ride.

Featuring underwater tunnels, the Biodome, and the Italian Village, Watopia’s Flat Loop is home to some of the most iconic areas in Zwift. There’s just something about the Flat Loop’s setting sun that just makes you want to ride.

The Volcano Domestique Jersey

Men’s Jersey // Women’s Jersey

Bring the heat to your next IRL ride with this nod to Watopia’s hottest spot.

From the Volcano Flats to the Volcano Climb, there’s no shortage of routes to ride if you’re looking to bring the heat. Stay cool and take your love of Watopia’s hotspot to the road with the Volcano Domestique Jersey.

Epic KOM/QOM Domestique Jersey

Men’s Jersey // Women’s Jersey

Because not all KOM/QOM jerseys have polka dots.

This isn’t your average KOM/QOM jersey. Celebrate snow-flanked roads and the mountain goat at the finish line of Watopia’s favorite alpine climb by taking your IRL kit game to epic levels with the Epic KOM/QOM Domestique Jersey.

Alpe Du Zwift Domestique Jersey

Men’s Jersey // Women’s Jersey

Doesn’t matter if you’re riding Alpe D’Huez or Alpe Du Zwift, you’re going to need a great kit.

If you’ve climbed Watopia’s Alpe Du Zwift, you know both the pain and fun of summiting the biggest mountain in Zwift. Take your IRL kit game to new heights and show your love for Watopia’s tallest climb with the Alpe Du Zwift Domestique Jersey.

Watopia Collection:
Cycling Bibs

Domestique Bibs

Men’s Bibs // Women’s Bibs

A true workhorse, our Domestique bibs are perfect for all your rides.

Inspired by the virtual roads of Watopia and tested in real life by Zwifters, our Domestique bibs are great for riding, indoors or out. And they’re packed with plenty of tech. Infused with aloe vera, the innovative chamois cools, protects, and helps heal the skin when you’re in the saddle.

The elastic leg cuff keeps it from riding up your thighs. And the bib uppers are constructed from soft and stretchable microfiber to ensure comfort and breathability. Learn more and view on

Before, After, and In-between Gear

Bottles // Socks // Shirts

We also have socks to complement your kit, T-shirts to rock after your race, and water bottles for any time in between.

Check them out at