Ride with Giants in Titans Grove

Ride with Giants in Titans Grove

ON August 1, 2019 by Nat Tschoban

Fresh road in Watopia is now yours to explore. Titans Grove has arrived. This section is the flipside of the Fuego Flats — enter a world of giant sequoias, color-drenched meadows, and a few rolling climbs to test your legs. The air stays crisp no matter how much heat you bring.

What’s the new route like?

Nature is king in the Titans Grove. The expansion draws inspiration from the High Sierras, home to the world-famous Sequoia National Park. Mammoth-sized boulders and giant sequoias create a landscape that’s vastly different from anything else in Watopia. Arriving here from downtown or the desert flats is a big breath of fresh air.

This terrain sounds vaguely familiar…

For those with a record of Jarvis Island on their Strava feed, you’re right. Recreating that sunkissed forest has always been on our to-do list. Now it’s here, in Watopia.

Okay, so what’s new about this forest? 

The woodland creatures, for starters. Some you can see without binoculars, and others require a closer look. There’s the Ranger lodging area tucked beneath the redwoods. Purple myrtle plants. The bubbling hot springs. And the hollowed-out trees lined with fungus make for an interesting trip.

Animals sound neat. But what about the terrain! 

Let’s talk tarmac. Titans Grove is a twisty stretch of ribbon with rolling hills to spice up your training. Three gradual climbs have you rising with the trees, with a 5% max grade at the steepest. Welcome to the great outdoors.

I’m no mountain goat. Will I survive these?

The beginner-friendly climbs are spaced out for ample recovery—but call for big watts if you’ve got eyes on a Titans Grove KOM jersey. Dig in on the rolling hills and watch your momentum spring you forward. Complete one lap and you’ll rack up 520 ft // 158 m of elevation. Do it 3x for a solid workout in under an hour.



Head away from downtown towards Ocean Blvd. Go under the start arch and make a left on Ocean. Then make your first left to head out towards the desert. Once you cross over the short bridge, make your first right.

If you spawn with the beach on your left, pass under the arch and take and take your first two lefts and then a right.

If you spawn with the beach on your right, make a U-turn, and take your first two lefts and then a right.


Sand and Sequoias – Tour the scorched desert and the forest in one loop.

20 km // 12.5 mi

173m // 567.5


Quatch Quest – Take on the Titans Grove and ascend the epic Alpe du Zwift. 

46 km // 28.6 mi

1708 m // 5600 ft


Muir and the Mountain – The mountains are calling, and you must go.

34.5 km // 21.4

792 m // 2600 ft


Dust in the Wind – Travel through Watopia’s two forests on this lush route.

54.6 km // 34 mi

585 m // 1920 ft


Big Foot Hills –  A journey across the lower peaks of Watopia.

67.5 km // 42 mi

706 m // 2316 ft