Crit City – An Event Only Course Is Open Now

Crit City – An Event Only Course Is Open Now

ON December 12, 2019 by Nat Tschoban

It’s fast. It’s action-packed. It’s our new event-only course:  Crit City. Designed with high speed in mind, this 1.9km course includes just 26ft in elevation and lots of turns — the longest straightaway is less than 200-meters.

Crit City is for criterium racing, AKA crits, as well as scheduled group rides and workouts only. These circuit races typically take place on courses that are about a mile/2km long. Super fast, crits are action-packed and exciting to watch because competitors are often shoulder to shoulder as everyone jostles for position and spectators can catch the action each lap, often with a beverage in hand.  

You’ll be racing at high speeds into 90-degree corners, across cobblestones, and through roundabouts. If you’re not seeing exertion-induced spots, look around and take in the sights that include a Z-shaped building (pro tip: use Zwift’s aerial view to see this), as well as a mural, inspired by the creatures of Watopia.

Whether you’re a veteran crit racer or new to competition, Crit City is for you. Maybe you like starting an impromptu breakaway or biding your time, or are banking on a sprint finish? Either way, fellow Zwifters will push you to your limits. 


Not to be cheeky, but event-only worlds are for events only. You can’t freeride in Crit City or any event-only world. The only way to explore these types of maps is by joining an event on that world.

To experience Crit City, just look for a group event with “Crit City” in the title. You can find these events in the event menu on or the Zwift Companion app, and join.  In Zwift Companion, you can filter events by type; in this case you would filter by “race” to find these events more quickly. Check out our support page to learn how to do this. In both cases, you’ll know it’s a Crit City event because ‘Crit City’ will be included in the event name.


As an event only world, you can only ride in Crit City if you participate in one of Zwift’s Events. Find a fun one on our Events page.

If you’ve never raced before and want some tips on how to get started, keep reading!

First, check out this Zwift Racing video to get a taste of the fun, as well as a basic understanding of how it works and what you need to know.

Check out this article for more info on finding and joining events. 

Questions? No problem! Our Community Support Team can help you out. Contact us via: