The What and Why of ERG Mode

The What and Why of ERG Mode

ON August 7, 2017 by Emily Mullen

A lot of smart trainers feature a function called ERG mode, which is kinda like the cruise control of Zwifting. Based on your current level of fitness (learn more here), ERG mode decides how much resistance to apply to your pedaling. ERG mode controls your effort.

The big upside to a smart trainer sometimes telling you how fast (or slow) to go: ERG mode also makes you stronger.

ERG mode, which is a checkbox option when you go to select a Zwift workout, makes you pedal precisely at the power levels laid out by the workout you choose. Zwift workouts may focus on a specific aspect of cycling fitness, like endurance or sprinting. But science and coaches alike will tell you that all the workouts can boost your fitness.

Give ERG mode a spin! Sometimes the effort will feel crazy-easy, other moments will be awesomely hard. Because your workout is controlled, sometimes you’ll watch fellow Zwifters blast by you, or fall behind. All good. With ERG mode you’re on the road to faster, fitter Zwifting.