Crush the BC Bike Race with Zwift’s Singletrack Slayer training plan

Crush the BC Bike Race with Zwift’s Singletrack Slayer training plan

ON April 28, 2020 by Matt Noble

Crush the BC Bike Race with Zwift’s Singletrack Slayer training plan

So what’s the British Columbia Bike Race (BC Bike Race)? Only one of the most renowned mountain bike races in the world. Seven stages. 600 participants. For many mountain bikers, this race from North Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast to Squamish is a bucket-list event, often the culmination of a year or more of training.

BC Bike Race is an adventure. An experience. A next-level trip through British Columbia’s West Coast—the trails, the towns, the lifestyle. 

But how does one best prepare for seven days of racing across British Columbia’s challenging terrain? Eating well and training on your own is a great start. But the unique demands of singletrack riding often require specific preparation and training. So to really sharpen your fitness and crush the BC Bike Race, join Zwift’s Singletrack Slayer training plan.

A major aspect of singletrack riding is being able to produce power outside your usual comfortable cadence. With rolling hills and sharp corners, riders need to be able to quickly shift from one extreme to another. It’s not always easy. But with proper training, you’ll be well prepared for any trails ahead.

Singletrack Slayer asks for one hour of training per day for a full week. Over the ten weeks of training, your body will gradually grow accustomed to the constant back-to-back riding, so when you’re finally in British Columbia, you’ll be ready to rip through all seven stages of the BC Bike Race.

The early weeks of the plan will focus on leg speed and anaerobic high-crank torque efforts. We’ll also work to maintain any aerobic fitness you’ve built before this period.

The middle weeks will target more race-specific scenarios such as long tempo climbs and hard race starts.

As we get into the final weeks, we’ll put the finishing touches on your prep by featuring sub-threshold and lactate tolerance work. 

Singletrack Slayer aims to make a beast out of any rider. By kicking your fitness into a higher gear, this training plan will put you into the best shape possible, to help you be ready to crush every stage of BC Bike Race or any other mountain bike event.


The final build phase leading into your target MTB event:

  • Category: Mountain Bike
  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Avg duration per week: 7 hours
  • Find this training plan by logging into Zwift and selecting the Training tab.
  • Find more details about the Singletrack Slayer training plan and other off-road training plans here.