Training Tips

What’s Your Favorite Way to Spend an Hour on Zwift?

on September 21, 2017

In this ongoing series, we’re asking: What’s your favorite way to spend an hour on Zwift?

Eric Min, CEO of Zwift: finish where I start

In the real world you almost always ride a loop, and that practice came with me into the virtual world. Whether it’s the big mountain loop, or a few laps of the volcano flat, or lots of other possible rides, my hour on Zwift often ends where I started.

Mike McCarthy, Head of Business Development: it’s go time

Racing. I don't really care if it's KISS, WBR, or anything else, as long as there are a lot of people and the racing is good.

Kate Veronneau, Brand Manager: give me a workout

When I need to get down to business, it’s workout mode. It’s unreal how hard I can push myself to get a star on a segment. I love the efficiency, the numbers, and the consistency of the training environment.

Jon Mayfield, Co-Founder and Head of Product: the ride named after me

Doing the “Jon’s Mix” cycling workout, in Zwift’s structured-training mode, is unsurprisingly one of my favorites. When I’m running on Zwift, it’s a 5- to 6-mile tempo run with a fellow runner.

How do you like to spend an hour on Zwift? Let us know. You might just see your ride in our next story.