Zwift Duathlon League // Season 1

on January 13, 2021

Introducing the Zwift Duathlon League

Welcome to the Zwift Duathlon League! This new bike-run race series kicks off on Wednesday, February 17th. The ZDL is a weekly event that will meet six times.

You've probably raced cycling and run events on Zwift–now we’re stacking them together for an entirely fresh racing format.

Prepare your battle stations for a one-two punch. A 35-minute bike race–ride as far as you can in the alloted time, no drafting allowed. Take 10 minutes to transition off the bike and hop onto your treadmill for a 15-minute time-based run.



Points will be awarded based on distance covered. 1 point for every 5 meters ridden on the bike, and 1 point for every 1 meter on the run. 

Scores will be up on the WTRL leaderboard page, so be sure to bookmark it, and view the overall and age group rankings.



Learn how to join and register for the new league at WTRL.



February 17, 2021 - Bike: Tick Tock // Run: Richmond UCI Worlds Reverse

February 24, 2021 - Bike: Libby Hill After Party // Run: Big Foot Hills

March 3, 2021 - Bike: Watopia's Waistband // Run: Innsbruck KOM After Party

March 10, 2021 - Bike: Greatest London Flat // Run: Tick Tock

March 17, 2021 - Bike: The Magnificent 8 // Run: Everything Bagel

March 24, 2021 - Bike: R.G.V // Run: Whole Lotta Lava

View the current schedule at WTRL for more details.



Bike racing is fun, fast, and exciting. And on Zwift, racing is crash-free. Watch this video before your first race to make it the best it can be. Or watch it after you have a few races under your belt to up your game.

Just like in real life, everyone is excited and fresh at the start of the event. Be ready to pedal hard from the get-go. You may have to push watts above your comfort level for a bit as the pack settles in. 



This is a time-trial event. Drafting is disabled, and you won’t enjoy the benefits of riding with the pack. But stay close to the competition and see how’re faring against your friends, and rivals!



When you race on Zwift, you’re allowed—even encouraged—to pivot away from conventional racing methods and turn the whole thing on its head. Change your tactics. Shake it up. Form an impromptu breakaway and step on the gas during climbs. All in the name of fun.



A few things before the fun starts. First, ensure your speed device (footpod or treadmill sensor) is calibrated. This How-To video gets you synced up. If you’ve got a heart monitor, here’s how to pair that device. Next, make sure you have enough water, a towel, and that your fan is turned on.

Give yourself 10 minutes before your start time to warm-up. We notify you in-game when your event is about to start, so don’t worry about losing track of time while warming up. Once you join the event and your avatar stands at the starting line, say hi to the other runners and see if anyone wants to run your pace.

Here’s how to chat, interact, and motivate your fellow Zwift runners. Don’t be shy—say hello!



Learn how to chat with friends and rivals and motivate them with a Ride On. Don’t be shy—say hello!



Zwift’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) includes a lot of information to help you understand your data while you run. Learn all about it in this video.



While you’re running on Zwift, you might see a big blue thumb over your avatar every now and then. No, you’re not delirious—that’s called a “Ride On,” and it’s how the community encourages each other. Want to send one to fellow runners? Click or tap a person’s username and you’ll see a ‘thumbs-up’ icon beside them. Just hit that and you’re all set! Alternatively, you can send a Ride On in the Zwift Companion app. Once you’re in-game and running, just go to the “Nearby” tab, tap a name in the list, then hit the blue Ride On button.

Read our How-To for more info on giving Ride Ons in game and out.

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