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BCS: Black Cyclists Network Community Highlight

on January 25, 2021

“When we first started the Black Cyclists Network, the initial approach was to get experienced riders who didn’t have a cycling club to join. Then, we started focusing on trying to get more women involved. In a lot of ways, we measure our success based on how many women we can get into BCN. Especially women of color. But what we’re also trying to focus on is getting children involved. As BCN grows and evolves, we’d really like to start working with grassroots programs to get kids excited about cycling. We know that they can do things we can’t do on bikes and we also know that we can do things that they can’t do on bikes. But where can we cross over? Where can we teach them the things we’ve learned and what can we learn from them? How can we find a space for them in the sport? BCN has turned out to be beyond what any of us could have ever imagined. We have children, adults, old, young, male, female, all kinds of Black and Brown riders coming together to support the Black community. And it’s truly amazing to watch. It’s amazing to watch children who have never ridden bikes before, who are able to lead group rides. Really, we bring people together by pushing things forward and hopefully, eventually, we will be able to create a lasting change for all.” - Mani Arthur & Greg Patmore, Black Cyclists Network

Read more about other highlighted athletes on or sign up for a BCS ride or run.


Florian Neuschwander | 100-km-Weltrekordversuch auf dem Laufband over 2 years ago