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This Month On Zwift: April

by Zwift
on March 31, 2021

April is buzzing with activity! Start your free 7-day trial and see what all the fun is about on Zwift. All these events are open to everyone, and included in your subscription.

This month, explore more and earn double XP with the Tour of Watopia. Train for the mountains with the Mt. Fuji Dojo Series. Ready to throw down the gauntlet? Compete in the next season of the Zwift Racing League. And don’t miss triathletes bringing the fire at the livestreamed Super League Triathlon Arena Games!


Reach new levels and unlock new items with the Tour of Watopia. Five stages to ride and run. Double Experience Points for every stage. Two kits to unlock for those who finish the series. Cool routes, cooler swag? That’s a double win.


Turn yourself into a climbing warrior with a training program geared for big climbs like the formidable Fuji-San. Join the Japanese community on Zwift for group workouts, TT challenges, and the main race up Alpe du Zwift. That mountain is massive in its own right, standing at over 1035m tall!


Zwift races are tough, exhilarating and fun. And hitting the gas with your friends makes you push even harder. Enter the Zwift Racing League, a multi-division, team-based league of cyclists open to anyone. This season has already begun, but you can still watch races and see results.


Pedal the wheels off your bike. Hit the treadmill hard. Swim ‘till your lungs scream. Do it again and again. That’s a Super League Triathlon Arena Game! Powered by Zwift, the next round of fireworks go off April 18. Athletes like Lucy Charles-Barclay, Jonny Brownlee, Sophie Caldwell, and Marten Van Riel will be in Rotterdam, hungry to make history. And you can watch them online!


Participate in any of these events with a free 7-day trial. No credit card necessary, no strings attached, only gains to make. Create your Zwift account to get started.

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