Pro Triathletes: How Do You Spend an Hour on Zwift?

Pro Triathletes: How Do You Spend an Hour on Zwift?

ON October 14, 2017 by Andrew Burke

From fashion to technology to training, triathletes are a freethinking lot. At least they agree on swim, bike, run. So who better than top multisport competitors to answer the question in our ongoing series: What’s your favorite way to spend an hour on Zwift?

Kelsey Withrow, two-time Ironman 70.3 champion:

I’m there if Nathan’s there I love to throw myself into any really hard race! My absolute favorites are those with live commentary by Nathan Guerra. I’m super competitive. I absolutely bury myself.

Lionel Sanders, 2017 ITU Long Distance Multisport World Championships winner:

I’ll do random cadence work. I’ll pick a cadence and a duration to maintain, like maybe 105 revolutions per minute (RPM) for three minutes, and then just go for it. As time passes I make the numbers more challenging—say, 112 RPMs for five minutes. It’s a game. It’s amazing how quickly time passes.

Lucy Charles, 2017 Ironman Lanzarote winner:

Do a free ride, and collect as many QOM jerseys as possible. The mountain goat one is my favorite! The session works well for me because it’s steady riding mixed with some high-intensity efforts.

Jordan Rapp, six-time Ironman champion:

Squeezing two outdoor hours into one Zwift hour. Doing any efficient workout where I “only” go for an hour, but I feel like I’ve gotten in training that I couldn’t do outside in less than two hours.

Holly Lawrence, 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championship winner:

I like to ride my specific workouts from Today’s Plan, which automatically show up in Zwift. Makes it so easy to jump in and get my workout done!

How do you like to spend an hour on Zwift? Let us know. You might just see your ride in our next story.