Hear What Zwifters Are Saying About Apple TV

Hear What Zwifters Are Saying About Apple TV

ON December 14, 2017 by Andrew Burke

Zwift is now available on Apple TV! Affordable, easy to set-up, small, and compact, Apple TV makes Zwifting simple. Just connect your trainer via Bluetooth, and you’ll be Zwifting on the big screen in no time. Apple TV

Key Specs

  • Zwift works on Apple TV 4th generation and higher
  • Stunning resolution and runs at 1080p on the Apple TV 4k
  • Zwift runs at around 30fps, a very smooth frame rate
  • Easy connection with Bluetooth-enabled (BLE) trainers, power meters, speed sensors, and/or heart rate monitors

Early Reviews

Shane Miller

Long time Zwifter, Shane Miller, created a great video review and breakdown of the Apple TV 4k and Zwift. Here is his complete breakdown.

DC Rainmaker

Looking for something a little more in-depth and with step by step images? DCRainmaker has you covered with his post. He breaks down why you will love Zwift on Apple TV. We like this quote particularly:

Overall, this is actually the cheapest way to get cookin’ on Zwift. There’s no other device that’ll support Zwift for under $150, let alone do it for other things in 4K for under $180. That’s amazing. And the quality is great, likely better than most people’s leftover computer hardware that they’ve repurposed to Zwift today.

Check out his full review here.


For a quick overview of why Apple TV is so great, check out the Zwift Blog. it has some helpful links on how to connect Ant+ devices and tips on how to integrate your daily training plans into Zwift.

One more thing…

Did we convince you yet? Well hopefully this will do the trick. One of our Zwifters loves riding using Apple TV so much they made a custom holder for the remote!

You can buy the Apple TV here. And if you need anything else to get on Zwift check out some of our great setup options.


*Apple TV limits to 2 Bluetooth devices. If you have more than 2 Bluetooth connections, you can pair via the Zwift Mobile Link app.

**Custom workouts not available at this time on Apple TV. To access custom workouts, you can input your workouts to TrainingPeaks and sync through that account.