Running: Weekly Group Workouts

Running: Weekly Group Workouts

ON October 31, 2018 by Sean Jefferson

Looking for a fun social run, weekly interval session or a fast paced group run to help log weekend miles? We’ve got you covered. Come join us each week and experience the power of group training. Check the details below for more information about our weekly group workouts.

Monday Run Club

Start your running week off with this group run hosted by the Zwift Runners Facebook group. The idea of these runs is to stay together, actively recover from your weekends long run and ease back into another week of training by sharing the collective Zwift experience.

Each week we will hold this event in seven time slots and have four pace groups in each one so that you can best find the time of day and group for the effort you want to run at.

As usual, we will be using the workout mode so that it is clear what speeds you need to run at throughout. This however is mainly a steady run but with some speed changes for variety.

These sessions generally fall into four pace groups;

A 12.0-14.0 kph/7.5-8.8 mph,
B 10.5-12.0 kph/6.9-7.5 mph,
C 9.5-10.5 kph/5.9-6.6 mph,
D 8.0-9.0 kph/5.0-5.6 mph.

If you do not find any of these speeds appropriate for you then please interact with us in advance on Facebook (see below) so we can discuss how we can help you to enjoy the run.

If you have any questions about this event or want to find out more about Zwift Running in general then please visit the Zwift Runners Facebook group or

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Workout Wednesday

Join the Zwift Runners for a group run workout that will be of benefit to all distance runners. We will run the event in 7 time slots and there will be four pace groups within each time slot. The interval sessions are provided by Tim Grose and will rotate between tempo sessions, threshold sessions and speed intervals. This should be considered a key run session of your weekly schedule, so come prepared and ready to work.

The speeds for each group are based on a threshold speed of;

A group 15 kph, 9.3 mph
B group 13 kph, 8.0 mph
C group 11 kph, 6.8 mph
D group 9 kph. 5.5 mph

We will start the workout with a warm up, then shorter intervals with active recovery before starting the main set of intervals, and finally we finish with a cool down. We encourage runners to choose the group closest to the effort level you want to run at and to keep to the nominal speed for that group to maintain the group dynamic. However if these speeds are significantly too low or high for you then you can choose to run in the group that is closest and then adjust the target speed up to 10% up or down in the game or via the Companion app.

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Run in the Park

Every Saturday join us for the original Zwift Group Run now with 10km, 8km, and 5km distances.

Group A is a 5km free run where you can push your limits and test yourself. Please join this group if you are chasing a PB but do not expect to run as part of a group. There will be a pacebot moving at 15.4kph (9.6mph) and staying with this will give you a sub 20 min time for the 5km.

Group B Will be a 10km progressive run starting at 12kph (7.5mph) for 3km and then an increase of 0.2 kph (approx 0.1mph) every km so we are running at 13.4kph (8.3mph) when we go through 9km. The last 0.5km (0.3miles) is a ‘fun’ sprint at whatever pace you (or your treadmill) can handle.

Group C Will be a 8km progressive run starting at 10.4kph (6.5mph) for 2km and then an increase of 0.2 kph (approx 0.1mph) every km so we are running at 11.4kph (7.1mph) when we go through 7km. The last 0.5km (0.3miles) is a ‘fun’ sprint at whatever pace you like.

Group D is a 5km steady effort with the focus that the main group adjust pace to stay together around the run leader who will run at 9kph (5.6mph). This will take you through the 5km finish line at around 33 mins. There will also be a pacebot moving at 10kph (6.2mph) for those who want to run a little faster but again it is requested that you use this as a focus and form a group with those around you.

Stay tuned as we continue to add new weekly group workouts and all new running events.