KISS Super League Rules & Points

1. There will be a total of 10 races with one race commencing each week. A team’s best eight results will be used for league points.

2. Teams must be made up of at least eight riders.

3. There must be four racers from each team in each race.

4. Heart rate monitors must be used by all riders.

5. Teams and riders must use organizer provided trainers as the power source.

6. Riders must use accurate height and weight metrics and may be required to weigh in at the discretion of the organizers.

7. Power-ups are allowed at all times.

8. No disc wheels allowed.

9. If a rider is dropped and lapped s/he must not rejoin the peloton.

10. Points awarded for all riders as per:

1st: 25 pts
2nd: 20 pts
3rd: 15 pts
4th: 12 pts
5th: 10 pts
6th: 9 pts
7th: 8 pts
8th: 8 pts
9th: 7 pts
10th: 7 pts
11th – 14th: 6 pts
15th – 20th: 5 pts
21st – 30th: 4 pts
31st – last: 1 pt

11. Riders points will be accumulated as a team total. The team with the most points will be the winning team.

12. Organizer makes all determinations about implementation and violation of rules. Riders have the right to appeal decisions made by the organizers. Riders have 24h after communication of a decision to protest that decision.