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Wednesday, October 6th
7:30AM GMT
2021 AusCycling Club Series - Women's Only
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit for more information on race rules.
Welcome to the AusCycling Club Series on Zwift!

This race series is all about working with your fellow club mates to score points for your club, which club will come out on top?!

Today's stage is mostly flat with a few rollers to shake things up, should be one for the sprinters or opportunists! Time to bring out your fastest bike again! For help on bike choice, our friends at ZwiftInsider have your back: a new window

Course Details:
World: Watopia
Route: Watopia’s Waistband
Lap Distance: 25.5 km
Lead in: 2.4 km
Laps: 1
Elevation: 95 m
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