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Monday, November 1st
7:00PM GMT
Le Col Training with Legends // Kristin Armstrong
Group Workout
About Kristin Armstrong: Three Olympic Gold Medals for Time Trialling, Kristin is a weapon against the clock, twice World champion and post pro career in coaching ensure these sessions will hit the mark.

Crank the heat this winter with legendary Le Col athletes. Stay motivated and up to speed with training tips from the front of the peloton. Join Sir Bradley Wiggins, Fabian Cancellara, Dame Sarah Storey, and Kristin Armstrong as they lead workouts and group rides designed to keep you moving fast all year long.

Each event will be led from the athlete’s point of view and will feature intimate advice and training tips. Plus, level up your training with accompanying YouTube videos that take you through each workout interval by interval. Head over to Le Col's YouTube channel to watch while you ride. You’ll get the inside scoop on how these workouts fit into each athlete’s schedule and prepares them for race day once the weather heats up.
Le Col Training with Legends // Kristin Armstrong - Race Simulation
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