Zwift Grand Prix 23/24 Women

Round 7 Women: Thursday 18th Jan @ 7pm UTC

Women’s Series Round 7 - Points Hunter

The Points Hunter format aims to drive strategic decision-making from the moment the riders leave the pens. Teams must work together to determine whether to clock up points early or gamble on securing higher points at the end of the race where they could be left empty-handed.

The race will have 4 intermediate points locations, which award a different number of points, in addition to a limited number of points available at the finish line.

However, any riders that earn points at intermediate locations will also be removed from the race, so each rider can only score points once during the race. How will you best use your whole team to maximise your points tally?

Each rider will be awarded one feather PowerUp at the lap arch 4.4 km into the race, and will need to choose how to best strategically deploy this throughout the remainder of the race.

The finish line will only award points to a few riders, forcing teams to decide whether to race early or race to the end.

Total Riders : 80 (16 teams of 5)

Course : Royal Pump Room 8

Distance : 27.5km

Intermediate Points Locations

● 4 intermediate points locations

● Different points available at each

● Points scoring riders eliminated from the race once they score

● 14 riders eliminated at intermediate points locations

Finish Line

● 66 riders left for the finish line

● 6 points scoring opportunities

Royal Pump Room 8 Map

Royal Pump Room 8 Profile


Confirmed Results


Back for its second year, the Zwift Grand Prix promises to bring you exhilarating, high-octane racing from some of the best Elite racers on Zwift! Spanning over seven rounds of racing with Men and Women, you will watch some of the best teams on Zwift race against each other over exciting routes and thrilling formats to determine the ultimate Zwift team.