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Sunday, February 20th
8:30AM GMT
Hotchillee Sprinters, Puncheurs and Climbers Sunday Endurance Series
Group Ride
The Hotchillee Sprinters, Puncheurs and Climbers Sunday Endurance Series are a series of races for riders that fancy something a bit longer than the usual circa 1-hour race.

The route schedule is shown below and, as you can see, the events get progressively tougher but rotate between courses chosen to suit sprinters, puncheurs and climbers respectively.

Week 1: RGV (3 laps) 73.3km/321m
Week 2: Tire Bouchon (1 lap) 61km/431m
Week 3: Ven-Top (1 lap) 20.9km/1534m

Week 4: Sleepless City (9 laps) 87.4km/378m
Week 5: Big Foot Hills (1 lap) 67.5km/707m
Week 6: Quatch Quest (1 lap) 45.9km/1683m

Week 7: Volcano Circuit (25 laps) 104.9km/290m
Week 8: 2015 UCI Worlds (5 laps) 81.5km/710m
Week 9: The Pretzel (1 lap) 72.2km/1333m

You can choose to race or just complete it as an endurance training ride but, with double draft enabled, you should be able to find some wheels to work with and, if you get spat out of your category, there’ll be a slower one coming along behind to jump in with.

Categories are based on FTP w/kg

A: 4.0 - 6.0 w/kg FTP
B: 3.2 - 3.9 w/kg FTP
C: 2.5-3.1 w/kg FTP
D: < 2.4 w/kg FTP

Please don’t sandbag, enter your correct category.

For something shorter and spicier, check out our Thursday evening Hotchillee Gain Train ride and for IRL Hotchillee events and rides www.hotchillee.comOpens a new window
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