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Tuesday, December 10th
1:30AM GMT
BRT Thunderbolt Stage Race: Stage 1 (North America)
Welcome to the BRT Thunderbolt Stage Race, from December 8th to 13th!

This is Stage 1: Road race of Watopia's Flat Route with specially selected power-ups to make it interesting. You will always receive a powerup at every banner.


- Riders must opt-in and be fully registered with ZwiftPower
- Riders exceeding 5W/kg for 95% of 20 minute power, inclusion in results will be subject to verification
- Riders exceeding 6W/kg for 5 minute power, inclusion in results subject to verification
- Heart rate monitor is required for official result placement
- Powermeter or smart trainer is required for official result placement
- Riders going over category limits will be automatically upgraded
- Riders racing below their ZwiftPower category will be disqualified
- Official results at a new window


Europe: December 10th-13th at 18:30 UTC
North America: December 10th-13th at 21:00 UTC

- Stage 2: Rising Empire
- Stage 3: Watopia Waistband ITT
- Stage 4: Innsbruck After Party
- Stage 5: London Classique


- a new window for all rules, results, and joining the team
- a new window for event updates
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