Saturday, November 12th
2:00PM GMT
SMITE (Saturday Morning Interval Training Exercise)
Saturday Morning Interval Training Exercise (SMITE) is a 60 min no-drop group ride spiked by a rotating mix of short to long Strava segments.

Have a day job? Finding it hard to train more than 6 hours per week? Interval training is a proven format for dynamic strength gains over short periods of time.

Everyone will be asked to maintain a pace of ~30 km/hr in between intervals. The ride leader will publish the Strava segments in advance, but will also call them out on the group ride.
Each interval is your opportunity to hammer it. Either go for glory on your own, or try and work with a group to conserve your strength and endurance.

Once at the end of the interval, either wait to recollect or ride back to gather up the rest of the group.

The first set of Strava Segments will be on the London Loop. Take a look at the London map to familiarize yourself with the segments.
Sprint Interval: B to C .7 km SMITE: Yoda's Tricycle
Sprint Interval: Tube between C and D .7 km SMITE: Freudian Slipway
Sprint Interval: Tube between D and A .6 km SMITE: Sewer Rats
TT Interval: A to B 3.2 km SMITE: Velo Raptors
Hill Interval: between D and A 3.0 km BOX HILL KOM

The total distance of these intervals will be around 8.2 km out of ~30 km.