Monday, March 20th
6:45PM GMT
TBR Sub-2.5 Tuesday Bunchie
Group Ride
Join us for a friendly and social ride around Tick-Tock. We roll tightly together as a bunch, chattering away and generally enjoying each other's company. A side dish of cycling is served up, with many using this ride as a step up in endurance form their standard hour-long pedal. Stay for a little while or a long while - either way, we look forward to having you in our draft!
Our Spotify playlist is filled with different tracks each week and can be found here a new window. Our top tip is to follow the playlist so you can find it easily each week.
Keep within the bunch for the best draft effect, and enjoy practising your control and pacing as you keep yourself within reach of the Beacon. We will average about 36-68km/h within the bunch, sitting comfortably under 2.5w/kg. Our sweeps will do their best to help you back, just give them a yell to let them know - have your Companion App open to join in the onscreen chat, drop Ride-Ons and watch the map for your location in relation to the beacon bunch.
Remember, it's not a race, there are no winners, just a group of people who enjoy each other's company!

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TBR Sub-2.5 Tuesday Bunchie (D) - Race Results
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TiempoVentajaVatiosW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 sW/kg