Saturday, November 4th
1:00PM GMT
USMES Monthly Century Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to the USMES Monthly Century Ride. This ride will be for that Century distance of 100 miles / 161 km. NO FLAT COURSES HERE !!!🔥🔥🔥
Time to light those ENDURANCE FIRES!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Push yourself and if necessary drop back to the next pace group. The goal is to always get stronger!!

PACE Groups:
The USMES Century Rides will generally have two YELLOW beacons, one running at the 2 - 2.5w/kg pace and the other at ~3.0w/kg plus.
This will be a mass start and there will not be a fence during this ride, so everyone is encouraged to find a group at a comfortable ENDURANCE PACE.
THIS IS A DROP RIDE...if you don't ask early for help, you may not get any.
LATE JOIN/REJOIN is on for the first 30 min.

There are no planned sweepers for this ride. If you accidentally drop off your group ask for assistance as EARLY as you can, DON’T WAIT!! Otherwise, Drift back and grab onto the next blob and GET AFTER IT!! Please, everyone, help each other out. That is the USMES Way!

Courses will change Monthly, and again this will not be a flat course, i.e...NO Tempus Centuries, that's what pace bots are for!!
Have a suggestion for the next ride, lets here it! Have a hard to get badge that is weighing you down? Let us know, we can help you get there!!

We use discord when there is enough interest in it, (hasn't been lately) the Link is -- a new window
-- all are welcome on discord, regardless of whether the leader is using it or not.

You are always welcome to place USMES after your name. --- Active Duty and Veterans use *USMES* ---
United States Military Endurance Sports (USMES) ZWIFT Ride & Run --UZR2-- is an Active Duty and Veteran military support group. We are not affiliated with any branch of the military. All riders are welcome to join the ZWIFT CLUB -- United States Military Endurance Sports --

We also welcome all athletes from our International military and military supporters community. And we thank all military members for their courage and sacrifice to support and defend their country.
Please check out The USMES ZWIFT Ride and Run Facebook Page --- a new window

For information on how to join the USMES National Team/Program, please ask the leaders for more information or go to https://usmes.orgOpens a new window
The USMES National Team Facebook is: a new window
As Always --- #FitforDutyFitforLife and #USMES