Sunday, February 25th
9:45AM GMT
VirtuSlo 4Endurance League 2024
Questo evento ha i seguenti requisiti:
category enforcement iconCategoria applicata.
heart rate monitor required iconNecessario monitor per frequenza cardiaca.
power meter required iconNecessario misuratore di potenza.
Per ulteriori informazioni sulle regole della gara, visita
VirtuSlo 4Endurance League is a race series with 6 races over a 6 weeks period.
Races will be held from 21st January till 25th February 2024 every Sunday.
- Zone 1 at 10:45 CET / 09:45 UTC
- Zone 2 at 18:05 CET / 17:05 UTC
Pre-Registration for PRIZES required for residents of European Union and UK for more details visit a new window

Stage 1: 21.Jan - France, Petit Boucle - 1 Lap (61.5km - 483m)
Stage 2: 28.Jan - Watopia, Three Sisters Reverse - 1 Lap (45.9km - 883m)
Stage 3: 04.Feb - Makuri, Wandering Flats - 2 Laps (50.3km - 290m)
Stage 4: 11.Feb - London, Greatest London Loop - 2 Laps (51.7km - 712m)
Stage 5: 18.Feb - Scotland, The Muckle Yin - 2 Laps (47.1km - 562m)
Stage 6: 25.Feb - Innsbruck KOM After Party - 1 Lap (37.2km - 658m)

PEN -> zFTP W/kg OR zMAP Wkg OR Compound Score (5min Wkg * 5min Watts)
Pen A - > 4.1 W/kg OR > 5.0 W/kg OR > 2100
Pen B - > 3.6 W/kg OR > 4.4 W/kg OR > 1750
Pen C - > 3.2 W/kg OR > 3.9 W/kg OR > 1400
Pen D - > 2.8 W/kg OR > 3.4 W/kg OR > 1100
Pen E - < 2.8 W/kg OR < 3.4 W/kg OR < 1100
Check your Category Enforcement and Power Curve at a new window

- The winner of the day is rider First Across the Finish Line.
- To score points, riders must finish the stage and be listed in Zwiftpower results.
- Riders daily finishing rank translates into League Points.
- The winner overall in the category will be the one with the highest cumulative score of 5 best races out of 6.
- Riders Highest Category during the 4Endurance League will be taken for the Overall Category Points Classification.
- Worst race will be deleted after week 3.

– Elite Level Performances above 5W/kg or 375W (20 mins); 6W/kg or 475W (5 mins); 9W/kg (1 min) and all riders with zwiftpower A+ category have to be supported by zwiftpower dual (power) recordings analysis from reputable power sources.
– Zwift Activities must be saved PUBLIC for verification.
1. No Powerups
2. No TT Bikes (except Time Trial)
3. Participants must be registered on to be included in the results
4. Smart trainer or Powermeter required.
5. Heart Rate Monitor required.
6. No Indoor Bikes without Controlled Resistance (Cadence=Power)
7. Using Sticky Watts to get an unrealistic advantage will result in DQ.

Zwiftpower results: questions, complaints, etc., please contact us a new window

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VirtuSlo 4Endurance League 2024 (A) - Race Results
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TempoDistaccoWattW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg