Monday, April 3rd
10:00PM GMT
RO4H Restoration Ride
Group Ride
The RO4H Restoration Ride is a chance to do your body a favor following all the hard riding you did over the weekend. Participating in this low-intensity ride will provide some active recovery to your body and allow your mind to relax in a friendly, casual, supportive, and respectful atmosphere.

This restorative ride is ultimately a social ride, and everyone is welcome to participate. The pace will vary depending on terrain and route but will have an average speed of about 15-18 mph/24-29 kph. We’ll remain sub 2 W/kg on any climbs and climbs will have sub 4% average grade. Despite this being a recovery pace for some, it will be a challenging effort for others. You should be prepared to meet the listed average speed. Being a social ride, we strive to ride together to take advantage of the strong group draft within the peloton. We’ll aim to be a no-drop ride. This ride is certainly not a race, and we discourage fliers.
We are proud of our strong sweeper team. Part of the RO4H ride philosophy is that we do not want anyone to ride alone -- unless they choose so. Our sweepers will either help riders bridge to the peloton or form a second pace group, so you do not ride alone.

So go ahead and join the RO4H Restoration Ride -- where friends are plentiful, and we are Better Together.

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