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Saturday, March 6th
10:00AM GMT
Cycling Ireland eRacing Spring League Rd 2
The Cycling Ireland eRacing Spring League (Points Race) is a series with events being held each Saturday morning for the Cycling Ireland Community. Male and female riders will have 4 categories to choose from, catering for all abilities. PowerUps now available.

PRIMES: Green Sprint banner x 5, points for the first 10 over the line which counts for your round total (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Double points at the finishing line.

Watopia, Seaside Sprint, 5 laps, 31.5km, Elevation 195m

Top riders are encouraged to track their weight and keep recordings as they may be requested. Riders in the top men's and women's category are encouraged to record a secondary power source and publish their dual recordings in the comments for the event. Race organizers may request riders in all categories to provide a dual recording or a matching RL effort (Strava) in order to verify a Zwift race effort. Failure to comply may result in a disqualification from the event. Failure to provide a dual recording or RL effort on three requests may result in disqualification from future events, until a dual recording with a matching effort is provided.


Start time A Category (4w/kg-5w/kg) – 10:00am, Europe/Dublin
Start time B Category (3.2w/kg-4w/kg) – 10:01am, Europe/Dublin
Start time C Category (2.5w/kg-3.2w/kg) – 10:02am, Europe/Dublin
Start time D Category (1w/kg-2.5w/kg) – 10:03am, Europe/Dublin
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