Thursday, September 21st
11:15PM GMT
The HERD Thirsty Thursday
Group Ride
The Herd's Thirsty Thursday (THTT) Dual Pace Social Group Ride

This group ride offers a dual pace in a social environment. The goal is to keep our rides entertaining with games and trivia, educational with Zwift tips, and on pace. This ride offer our traditional Cat “D” option or a slightly higher paced Cat “C” option.

Our ride leaders’ goal is to keep to the advertised pace, averaged over the course of the ride. However, bear in mind that there are situations such as incline and descents that will affect the pace. To this, we ask that you pay attention to the rider leader announcements and adjust your pace accordingly. Stay close to the yellow beacon where the draft is most effective. As is customary to all Herd rides, we offer full Yellow (Ride Leader) and Red beacon (Sweeps) support.

If you find yourself wanting more of a challenge, we encourage you to join our sweep team as they ride “sweep-tervals” (above advertised pace) to help bring riders back to the ride leader.

Riding alone is not an option, as Herd rides are geared to be inclusive and fun.

The HERD Thirsty Thursday (C) - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg