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Tuesday, November 21st
5:50AM GMT
Team Valhalla Early/Late Everybody's In Spin
Group Ride
Welcome everyone short, tall, large, small and in between to our Tuesday Team Valhalla Early/Late Everybody’s In Spin.

This is D category GROUP ride with the aim to ride as a group at a pace that is inclusive and empathetic to everyone from the seasoned rider to the first timer. The advertised pace is 1.6-2W/KG.

Do you have tired legs or are you early morning pre-espresso fatigued - then this is the ride for you.

Is it a late night or afternoon and you are getting ready for supper or bed - then this is the ride for you.

Are you new to Zwift or Group Rides and worry about getting dropped or worry about a Lead that doesn’t care to help those out back? - then this is the ride for you.

This is a “no-drop” “GROUP” ride around D or Recovery pace so if you do find yourself off the back then just shout out early and there will always be a friendly face to keep you company and help get you back to the Yellow Beacon. All you have to bring is your smile. If you are a stronger rider looking for an extra challenge we would encourage you to help sweep riders off the back.

The 6 goals of this group ride are simple: 1) ride near/with the yellow beacon, 2) enjoy each other’s company/make new friends, 3) be positive, 4) engage in the banter, 5) Big the Blob and 6) HAVE FUN.

We want this ride and all our Vikings and Valhalla Rides to be a great ride experience for Everyone!!

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