Sunday, June 21st
3:00PM GMT
The SCOTT Celebration Group Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to SCOTT Week.

One week of next-level group rides and workouts that mix it up with three stages, each focusing on a distinct cycling discipline. Road. Tri. MTB. Starting June 21, you’ll have the opportunity to try out any or all of them. Three cycling styles. One powerful celebration of the sport.

It all kicks off with a group ride jam-packed with athletes representing road, tri, and MTB pedaling alongside everybody. Then come the mass participation stages. Each consists of multiple group rides per day, two days per stage. It starts on Monday with road, continues on Wednesday with tri, and begins wrapping up on Friday with MTB. You’ll be auto-assigned an appropriate in-game bike for each ride.

SCOTT-sponsored athletes will lead group rides, so here’s your chance at getting up close and personal with a pro.

Route Information:
A: London - Triple Loops, One Lap, 40.8km, 0.5km lead in
B: London - Triple Loops, 30km, 0.5km lead in
C: London - Triple Loops, 30km, 0.5km lead in

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