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Sunday, April 5th
9:00AM GMT
Haute Route Watopia Stage 3
The Haute Route Watopia is three challenging stages over the course of three days. Reach new heights as we climb the highest routes in Watopia.

We’ve saved the best for last as stage 3 takes on The Pretzel. It is punishing indeed, at 44.8 miles (72.2km) in length and an elevation gain of 4,375′ (1333m). When this route was released it was the longest and most challenging route on Zwift, covering all segments in Watopia at least twice. With new roads and routes added to since its creation, The Pretzel is no longer the longest or toughest route. But it still packs a punch!

Complete all three stages to unlock the Haute Route Watopia kit and to be entered for the chance to win entry to an outdoor Haute Route event.

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Haute Route Watopia Stage 3 - Race Results
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