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Sunday, March 28th
7:00AM GMT
Group Ride
women only icon女性限定
United we are, lifting as we climb -

Dedicated to women everywhere, the Women’s Ride and Run Series (WRRS) is a celebration of the strength, leadership, and excitement this inclusive and welcoming community brings to Zwift.

Together with our partner, No Gods No Masters, we’re hosting special women’s-only WRRS rides up Zwift’s toughest climb - Ven-Top - ascending 1,534 m (5,033 feet) from the beginning to end of the timed KOM/QOM segment.

Join this incredible peloton of women for a ride you won’t forget! Open to all women.
The in-app kit, cycling jersey and running tank top, is available for purchase at this link: a new window

About the ride:
2 main groups to follow for each event: 1 leader (yellow beacon, pace 2.5 w/kg) and 1 sweeper (red beacon, pace 1.7 w/kg)
Faster women can form their own groups.

There will also be ride guides who’ll cheer for you and lend their wheel should you need help - look for ‘NGNM’ listed next to their names.

Whether your goal is to simply reach the top or beat your personal best, this challenge is an inclusive ride where everyone can shine with the support of this group’s camaraderie and team spirit! Remember to ride with the Companion App to join the chat. Need tunes? Enjoy this Spotify playlist made for Zwift rides: a new window

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IG: @ngnm_cycling

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