Wednesday, April 5th
11:30AM GMT
ODivaZ 2.3 Ride
Group Ride
power meter required iconパワーメーターが必要です。
All riders are welcome to join the ODivaZ 2.3 Ride, led by the Women of TeamODZ, where we take pride in keeping the pace at the advertised average of 2.3 watts/kilogram. The ride is approximately 1 hour on a flat or semi-flat course (actual time/distance depends on the Zwift course of the day). Contingent on the course, there will be optional sprints and/or short "spicy segment(s)" (2.7-3.0 w/kg). The leader announces any pace changes and will slow to re-group after each sprint or spicy segment.

This is NOT A RACE! We invite all riders to stay with the leader (yellow beacon) and enjoy friendly Zwift messaging and the community feel of this ride. Although we don’t use Double Draft, the regular draft allows the large group around the beacon to move at a fast pace.

ODZ members vocally chat on an app called Discord. Discord is not required, but the ride experience is enhanced by using it. Click on this link for more information about Discord and related setup:

For more specifics about this ride and the various Zwift courses, go to: a new window

ODivaZ 2.3 Ride (C) - Race Results
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