Monday, June 5th
9:30PM GMT
Ascenders Team Steady States Training
Group Workout
FTP Builder 6x3
This one hour session is designed to help improve your FTP. The main set is 6x3 minutes each with its own variation within the 3 minute segments. All will have at least some of the 3-minutes that are above your current FTP. Resetting the bar!

Stress Points are 67.
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About the workout designer: Mark Allen
6x Ironman Triathlon World Champion | Olympic Distance World Champion |
Longest Winning Streak In The History Of Triathlon - 21 Straight Races |
ESPN's Greatest Endurance Athlete Of All Time | Greatest American
Triathlete of All Time | Ironman University Advisory Board | Member of the
Ironman Hall Of Fame | USAT Hall Of Fame | ITU Hall Of Fame

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