Friday, June 9th
11:00AM GMT
USMES – TGIF Morning Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to the USMES weekly TGIF Morning Ride.
This ride is planned to AVERAGE 1.5 – 2.0w/kg, for 60 min of your morning, to get that blood pumping for the weekend!!

There will be the occasional increases in power for the hills. 🔥🔥🔥
Please follow the ride leaders (Yellow and Red Beacons) instructions. The leader will have the ability to utilize the fence and it will be live, don’t get ⚡️ ⚡️ zapped!! ⚡️ ⚡️

Leaders will often drop the Fence for Sprints 🔥🔥🔥 If these moments happen, regroup quickly after passing the BANNER, the fence will likely return. ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

Remember the Late rejoin is available for the first 30 min. if you get dropped, or booted by the ⚡️ fence⚡️, or just want to catch up to the blob!! If within the first 30 minutes of the ride, Use the MENU to ‘END RIDE’, and then rejoin from the MAIN ZWIFT HOME SCREEN. This will rejoin you back into the ride with Yellow Beacon’s group.

There are typically no planned sweepers for this ride and all riders are encouraged to help each other out.

PLEASE call out if you feel you need help, 5-10sec is a good time to ask!! 20-30sec, you may not get much help!!

If someone asks if you need help, speak up, that’s when they think they might be able to help, waiting is a bad idea!!!

Ride Courses/Routes will usually change weekly. IF YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR RIDE OR BADGE YOU’D LIKE TO DO…ASK?? Never know the DIRECTOR SPORTIF can be known to be a nice!!

Please feel free to place USMES after your name. Active Duty and Veterans use **USMES**.

US Military Endurance Sports (USMES) ZWIFT Ride & Run --UZR-- is an Active Duty and Veteran military support group. USMES is not affiliated with any branch of the military. All riders are welcome and appreciated. We also welcome any and all military and military supporters from the international community. We honor and thank all military members for their courage and sacrifice to support and defend their country.

The ZWIFT USMES Club is open to all who request to join and are respectful of the community. Search for UNITED STATES MILITARY ENDURANCE SPORTS

Want the ZWIFT USMES Kit??? Start and Finish any of our public group rides and its yours!! Get zapped by the Fence, try again next ride!!

Please check out the USMES - UZR Facebook Page at a new window
ZWIFT USMES DISCORD channel is at a new window ---all are welcome, ask the leader if they’re using it.

For information on how to join the USMES National club, please ask the leaders for information or go to https://usmes.orgOpens a new window

USMES TEAM Members Facebook Page (non-Zwift) a new window

As always!! #FitforDutyFitforLife < a new window