Friday, November 24th
9:31AM GMT
Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Group Recon Ride (ZDR p/b Eat DIRT)
Group Ride
This ZRL Group Recon Ride is run by ZDR p/b Eat DIRT ( a new window).

Zwift Racing League Group Recon Rides are the official non-competitive Group Rides. Each one is hosted/run by a participating club and will feature racing tips and tricks for the race ahead, an opportunity to ask questions relating to Zwift Racing League and to preview the full course for Tuesday’s ZRL races.

With experienced ride leaders and Zwifters from a reputable Zwift Club, this is your opportunity to ask questions about all things ZRL-related. You'll be able to learn useful course and team tactics and if you are new to ZRL - perhaps even find a team to race with too!

There are 4 Group Recon Rides to choose from each day at various times and each will operate at the advertised paces (pace is based on your Zwift Pace Group).

Introducing the spectacular Zwift Racing League (ZRL) - a turbocharged online-bike racing extravaganza that's rewriting the rules of competition. With a staggering 220 community divisions, 2,281 electrifying teams, and a whopping 18,000 fierce racers per 6-week round, the ZRL stands as the undisputed heavyweight champion of online-bike racing competitions worldwide.

This high-octane spectacle is masterfully orchestrated by our powerhouse partners, WTRL, who leave no stone unturned in delivering an unparalleled racing experience. But remember, this race is an invitation-only affair, so if you dare to join the ranks of speed demons and thrill-seekers, you'll need to hitch a ride with one of the esteemed existing teams. Fear not, though, for WTRL's website (www.WTRL.racingOpens a new window) is your portal to all the insider intel - schedule, rules, and even a team that perfectly aligns with your fiery spirit!

If you want to gather your own team, you can register for the next Round of ZRL at a new window.

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