Baby on Board Workouts

Baby on Board Workouts

ON October 13, 2020 by Zwift


Zwift has just delivered a healthy 12 weeks of workouts for pregnant mothers-to-be!

The “Baby on Board” workout collection features 24 training sessions of 30-40 minutes with a prenatal focus. You can use it as a training plan, finishing two workouts per week, or pick and choose from the collection depending on how you’re feeling and what fits your schedule. This permits a greater amount of flexibility than your typical training plan, allowing Mom to build this routine into her life.

The program was written by Kristin Armstrong and Dani Rowe, two Olympic gold medalists and both mothers themselves. Dani tested the workouts out earlier this year while she was pregnant with her son, who was just born in September. Dani was looking for workouts that she knew would be safe for her and her baby.

“When I found out that I was pregnant, I was really keen to keep up my fitness – not push my fitness at all, but have that opportunity to sustain my fitness,” Dani says. “To have some shorter workouts that I could use to have a structure to my day, and focus throughout the 9 months of being pregnant.”

These workouts will keep you active and working on the bike with shorter, less intense sessions.

To find the collection, look for the “Baby on Board” workout folder. When you log in to Zwift, click the training icon in the top-left and make sure “Workouts” is selected at the top of the next screen. Scroll down until you see “Baby on Board” and click it to open the folder of individual workouts.

Hear More About “Baby on Board”

Cycling champions Kristin and Dani discuss the “Baby on Board” workout collection on a new episode of the Zwift PowerUp Cycling Podcast:

Just 11 days after giving birth to Ted David Rowe, Dani Rowe sits down with Kristin and Kate to talk about all things post-pregnancy training in Part 2 of our deep dive into pre and post-natal training. Kristin Armstrong imparts some valuable wisdom on motherhood, getting back on the bike, and dealing with the post-pregnancy pressure. And Zwift’s own Kate Veronneau also joins Dani and Kristin to talk about the two new training plans that she’s been working on with our hosts. Listen to Episode 57 of the Zwift PowerUp Cycling Podcast for more! 

For more on training and motherhood, you can also read advice from other moms in the Zwift community.

Who are Dani and Kristin?

Kristin Armstrong, a 4x Olympian, an entrepreneur, and a mom is the most decorated U.S. women’s cyclist of all time and the best time-trialist in sports history. A three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and two-time World Champ, Armstrong is the only female athlete to win the same event in three consecutive Olympic Summer Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2018). Following her first Olympic Gold in Beijing, she retired and became a mom to Lucas and quickly came back to the sport to win her second gold in London with Lucas in her arms. Kristin rode throughout her pregnancy and is excited to share her insights with soon-to-be moms on riding, motherhood, and keeping a balanced life after delivery. These days she’s in Boise, Idaho, where she’s started a business called PIVOT Lifestyle + Fitness that focuses on health and fitness. And some days, she pops into the Zwift studio to offer insight with the PowerUp Cycling Podcast.

Dani Rowe née King (below) is one of the most decorated British cyclists of all time. A three-time World Champion, two-time European Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and the World Record holder for the 3km Team Pursuit, Rowe was an absolute beast in the saddle. In 2018, at age 28, Rowe has retired from professional cycling, and now spends her time working with sponsors and partners and making media appearances. And that’s not even getting into her very own coaching business, Rowe and King. And some days, she pops into the Zwift studio to offer insight with the PowerUp Cycling Podcast. The biggest news in Dani’s life is that she welcomed her first baby into the world in September 2020. She has used Zwift to remain healthy and active throughout pregnancy and wants to help others in the same position both pre and post-birth.

Taking Your First Steps

Ready to come aboard as a new Zwifter? We’re excited to welcome you to the family! Here’s what you need to ride:

If you’re not sure where to start shopping, the Zwift store offers everything you need (except a computer or mobile device). Once you have all your gear, it’s time to get set up and ride! You can do workouts like the “Baby on Board” series, ride or race in groups, or just enjoy riding around the virtual worlds.

Check out this video playlist, which walks you through getting started for cycling on Zwift.

Share Your Story

If you’re a mom or a soon-to-be mom, please hop on over to the Zwift forums to share your story in this thread! You can meet some other Zwifters and learn from their experiences, too.