Pace Partner Graduation Announcement

Pace Partner Graduation Announcement

ON September 1, 2022 by Zwift


Many of you have spent time riding in a Pacer Group with our Pace Partners, and now it’s time to celebrate their next step.

Zwift’s Pace Partners are graduating! Until now, these automated riders had been part of Zwift’s FutureWorks platform, where we test new projects and collect feedback from the community.

After their graduation weekend on September 3-4, you’ll notice almost all of the previous Pace Partners have retired, making room for several new Pace Partners. The Pace Partner squad will be pulling some double duty as well, beginning their jobs leading certain scheduled events on the calendar as well.

Cycling Pace Partners

A new set of Pace Partners is being launched now that the feature is moving out of FutureWorks. These Pace Partners will be live from Monday, September 6 onwards.

All of the Pace Partners will now weigh 75kg and be 175cm tall. They will use dynamic pacing, increasing power by up to 10% uphill and decreasing up to 20% when descending.

Pace Partners only have first names now, and only “Coco” remains from the original set of Pace Partners. Here’s the new list of Pace Partners, sorted by pace:

  • Taylor – 1.1 W/kg
  • Bernie – 1.5 W/kg
  • Miguel – 1.8 W/kg
  • Maria – 2.2 W/kg
  • Coco – 2.6 W/kg
  • Yumi – 2.9 W/kg
  • Jacques – 3.2 W/kg
  • Genie – 3.7 W/kg
  • Constance – 4.2 W/kg

Pace Partners will ride the following routes, changing every Monday at 0700 UTC.

Watopia Routes:
Volcano Flat
Three Little Sisters
Tick Tock
Tempus Fugit
Watopia’s Waistband
Flat Route
Big Foot Hills
Volcano Circuit
Triple Flat Loops

Makuri Islands Routes:
Temples and Towers
Neon Flats
Castle to Castle
Railways and Rooftops
Neokyo All-Nighter
Suki’s Playground
Sprinter’s Playground
Wandering Flats
Flatland Loop


Running Pace Partners

A new set of 11 Running Pace Partners will also be spun up for graduation:

  • Billy – 6.0 kph
  • Louis – 6.7 kph
  • Maggie – 7.5 kph
  • Dean – 8.0 kph
  • Lizzy – 8.6 kph
  • Roger – 9.2 kph
  • Audrey – 10.0 kph
  • Jesse – 10.9 kph
  • Kat – 12.0 kph
  • Carl – 13.3 kph
  • Joan – 15 kph

They will run on the following routes, rotating weekly:

5K Loop
Chilli Pepper
That’s Amore
May Field