New Levels 22-30 for Zwift Runners

New Levels 22-30 for Zwift Runners

ON January 30, 2022 by Zwift


It’s been a while since runners saw achievement levels increase from 10 to 21. Indeed many have been stockpiling XP points since reaching the top level some time ago, eager to see how high they would jump on the release of the next round of level unlocks. Hold that thought and we’ll talk about Accelerated Level-Ups momentarily…

First, let’s discuss the basics of how we earn XP points (Experience Points).

How do we accumulate XP?

You can earn XP by taking part in group events, workouts, and challenges or simply free running in Watopia and the ever-increasing number of additional worlds of Zwift.

For every 250 meters run you earn 10 XP points. (The rate is slightly slower if you use imperial measurements, giving you 15 XP per quarter mile. So for 10km you’ll earn 400 XP points, whereas the equivalent 6.2 miles will get you 372.) You will also earn 5 XP points for every 100 calories burned.

You might also find occasional events offering double XP or bonus XP for completing certain missions or challenges. Once you reach the top level of the game, you continue to bank XP in the background.

Accelerated Level-Ups

When running levels increased from 10 to 21, many runners immediately unlocked a pile of goodies in one fell swoop, hitting level 21 before they had time to lace up their shoes!

This time things will work a little differently. Rather than jumping up the levels immediately with your banked XP, for every new XP point you earn running, you’ll be given 1 point from your previously banked XP. So effectively you’re earning double XP every time you run.

This way you’ll level up twice as fast as a runner with no banked XP, but still get a sense of satisfaction and achievement each time you level up.

Now let’s take a look at those goodies and the XP required to level up.

22 – Zwift Orange Tank

88,000 XP Required

The first unlock of the new set of levels is also a first. Until now runners have only had the choice of t-shirts in which to run. The Zwift Orange Tank represents the first time a running vest will be available in the garage.

In traditional Zwift orange, the vest will look great around the beaches of Makuri Islands or the Watopia waterfront. But make sure you take a jacket if you’re planning on hiking up the Alpe du Zwift!

23 – Animal Socks

95,000 XP Required

Zwift is teeming with wildlife, from the seals by the run path in Watopia, to the dinosaurs in Titans Grove and the elusive yeti on the Alpe.

Our cute animal socks unlock for level 23 will add to the general animal population in Zwift and hopefully put a smile on your face as you log in for another run. Two designs to choose from!

24 – Zwift Blue Tank

102,000 XP Required

Unlock level 24 and you can add the blue running vest to the orange one. The Zwift Blue Tank features the same one-color design as level 22’s unlock, with the Zwift logo in white on the left shoulder.

25 – Saucony Endorphin Pro

109,000 XP Required

The Endorphin Pro was Saucony’s first foray into the world of carbon-plated running shoes. Now up to version 3, the Endorphin Pro are among the very best carbon-plated shoes available today.

When you reach level 25 you’ll be able to don these bad boys for your next fast interval session or race around May Field.

26 – Orange Sun Visor

117,000 XP Required

Until now, the only visor available in your garage has been the white visor. That changes when you reach level 26 and unlock the brand-new orange sun visor.

Sporting the white Zwift logo on the side, this stylish piece of headgear will keep the Fuego Flats’ sun off nicely while letting everyone know you’re at least a level 26 runner.

27 – Monochrome Pattern Tank

125,000 XP Required

When you reach the dizzying heights of level 27 you’ll be rewarded with the third running vest in this new set of unlocks.

The light grey tank top features an attractive monochrome design on the chest and goes very well with the Saucony Endorphin Pro shoes.

28 – Fruit Socks

133,000 XP Required

Continuing the theme of fun socks from level 23, reaching level 28 unlocks the Fruit Socks. Please be aware that these socks do NOT count towards your 5 a day.

You can rest assured they won’t spoil if left in the garage overnight, but we can’t promise bruising won’t occur if you slip  in the mud on Repack Ridge.

29 – Flouro Tank

141,000 XP Required

We all love the two Pride On kits we received over the last couple of years. The Flouro Tank unlock for level 29 is just as colorful and will really show off your status as a level 29 runner.

Paired with the orange visor and the fruit socks, you will be the talk of Neokyo as you tuck another 5k in the weekly mileage bag.

30 – Adidas Adios Pro

149,000 XP Required

The Adidas Adios Pro are another highly rated carbon-plated running shoe, and they are the top prize in this new set of Zwift level unlocks.

Reaching level 30 is an awesome achievement, so why not shout about it by sporting these killer kicks?