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Thursday, July 29th
5:30PM GMT
Hotchillee Gain Train
Group Ride
Join the HotChillee Gain Train Hare and Hounds Chain-Gang!


Unlike a Hare and Hounds race, we plan for the groups to merge with 5-10km so that you can upgrade into a faster group if you’re feeling strong or, if you’re just hanging on, downgrade into a slower one. This gives a great path for progression through the groups.

Until the merge, paced by your Engine and working with your fellow passengers in your class, aim to hold your advertised pace as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Please stick to your group’s pace and your Engine until the merge. Flyers and riders pushing above the advertised pace ruin the session for all so, please don’t do it.

Expect things to pick-up towards the end and there might even be a mini “race” in the final few kilometres – wait for your Engine’s instructions.

The Classes are:

Buffet Car (D): < 2.4 w/kg setting off at 1830

Second Class (C): 2.5 - 3.1 w/kg setting off at 1834
First Class (B): 3.5 - 4 w/kg setting off at 1838
We’ll alternate weekly between a flat finish and an After Party summit finish. Also, every four weeks, we’ll do a slightly longer Endurance Week.