Saturday, February 25th
7:00AM GMT
INC 200km 4 hour TT - Take on the challenge!
Group Ride
INC home of relentless endurance intervals, 100km & 150k now complete with new time records! #relentless.

Now onwards and upwards! INC are hosting our finale to try to ride 200km in sub 4 hours. Working as a team rotating with short pulls on the front of 5.5wkg+ and 4kg+ in the draft with the shared aim of going as fast as possible for the duration. Bikes locked to Cadex TT. It's a no sweep ride so if dropped, quit / re-join or wait a lap or carry on in a group behind. This will be hard paced endurance session but will be fun and will be relentless. So, if you think you've got the pace, sign up, join us, fuel up and get ready for one big session.