Zwift Grand Prix 23/24 Men

Round 2 Men: Thursday 26th Oct @ 6pm UTC

Men’s Series Round 2 - Mountain Points Race

The Mountain Points Race does what it says on the tin! An all-out battle up the iconic Alpe de Zwift, with a few surprises along the way!

For the first time in elite Zwift Racing, teams will be taking on a climber's points race, with points available at the finish line at the top of

the Alpe and three intermediate bonus points locations during the climb.

Therefore, there’s more than one way to skin this Yeti! Team strategy and role definition will be all-important as riders can choose the kind of

efforts to target to gain maximum points for their team. Another first will be the introduction of a time cut-off. Any riders that finish more than 5 minutes behind the first place rider will not score any finish line points - so time those big attacks right, and leave something in the tank!

Total Riders : 80 (16 teams of 5)

Course : Road To Sky

Distance : 17.3km

Intermediate points locations

● 6.5km

● 9.1km

● 15.2km

Finish Line

● All finishing positions scored

Time cutoff

● 5 minutes from the 1st-placed rider

Road To Sky Map

Road To Sky Map


Confirmed Results


Back for its second year, the Zwift Grand Prix promises to bring you exhilarating, high-octane racing from some of the best Elite racers on Zwift! Spanning over seven rounds of racing with Men and Women, you will watch some of the best teams on Zwift race against each other over exciting routes and thrilling formats to determine the ultimate Zwift team.