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Consider this your invitation to four different camps, hosted by four top-tier teams. There are plenty of ways to participate. You can ride with a group or on-demand. Attend them all, just one, or a few. And do as many workouts as you like.

Training camps have a rich history in cycling. They’re where teammates come together, get to know each other, and work hard. Closed to all except official team members…until now.

The UK-based INEOS Grenadiers make goals happen. The team launched in 2010 with an ambitious objective: to win the Tour de France with a British rider. They achieved this in 2012 and are now the dominant force in Grand Tour racing.

Thomas: GC Rider

A solid workout inspired by the only Welshman to win the Tour de France.
60 Minutes

Pidcock: CX Champion

A workout inspired by Cyclocross World Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist (MTB—XC), and Tour de France stage winner!
55 Minutes

Wurf: All-Rounder

Go long, go hard? Try this workout by world-record holder of the bike leg in the Ironman World Championships.
60 Minutes

INEOS Grenadiers: Anaerobic Capacity

Try a workout created to help you attack the field in a race or a spirited group ride.
52 Minutes

INEOS Grenadiers: All-Rounder

Built for the all-around rider, AKA rouleur, this workout helps you become more well-rounded on the bike.
46 Minutes

Train Like Jumbo-Visma
One of cycling’s superteams, the Dutch-based crew is driven and wildly successful.

Vos: TT Workout

“The Cannibal” devours the competition in all disciplines, including road, cyclocross, track, and MTB!
50 Minutes

van Aert: VO2 Max Training

A workout inspired by the 3x Cyclocross World Champion turned decorated roadie!
56 Minutes

Labecki: Sprint workout

With 72 national titles, Coryn’s training gets her to the finish line first!
45 Minutes

Kuss: Cadence Efforts

Hailing from the American Rockies, this ride inspired by the Durango Kid focuses on varied RPM work.
58 Minutes

Women’s Team Recovery Ride

To ride fast you also have to ride slow. This ride is all about the latter.
45 Minutes

Men’s Team Ride

Hop on for a low to medium effort peppered with some zone 2 intervals.
60 Minutes

Train Like Movistar
A Spanish squad that excels at working together, Movistar regularly wins the team competition.

Van Vleuten: All-rounder

Looking for a workout inspired by the greatest of all time? You found it.
50 Minutes

Cortina: Sprinter

Tap into fast twitch fun in this workout inspired by this classics specialist.
43 Minutes

Martin: All-rounder

A mellow pedal with a mix of cadence work inspired by the young up-and-comer.
33 Minutes

Verona: Climber

HIDIT high-intensity decremental interval training) is the new HIIT. Experience it.
44 Minutes

Women’s Team Workout

Dip into a few dollops of fast and slow cadence work with a workout inspired by the women of Movistar.
47 Minutes

Men’s Team Workout

Ready for some RPM work? Hop on for some quick cadence and slow grind intervals.
39 Minutes

Train Like Team Jayco AlUlA
Based in Australia, the Team Jayco AlUlA squad have a well-earned reputation for bringing fun as well as success.

Campbell: All-rounder

Work on your all-around fitness with this workout inspired by this pro from Trinidad and Tobago.
42 Minutes

Matthews: Sprinter

Get ready for a mellow spin inspired by “Bling,” who has won stages in all three Grand Tours!
42 Minutes

Allen: Domestique

Go hard with this workout inspired by one of Bike Exchange’s indispensable “worker bees.”
39 Minutes

Craddock: All-rounder

A workout inspired by the Texan roadie and track star to help you build fitness and cycling-specific strength.
42 Minutes

Women’s Team Workout

Get ready for a medium effort filled with a blend of tempo and threshold riding.
49 Minutes

Men’s Team Workout

A chill ride that includes a blend of endurance, tempo, and threshold intervals.
46 Minutes

Unlock Rewards

You’ll unlock a team hat for each team you work out with, get a great workout, and earn some bragging rights.

New To Workouts

Finding them is easy.

If you want to ride a pro-inspired workout, they’re available round-the-clock. Developed by world-class coaches for UCI superstars, they’re open to all Zwifters. You’ll chase down the same efforts as the pros scaled to your ability level and fitness.


There will be four stages where you can train like some of your favorite team members. Each stage centers on a different UCI WorldTeam. Workouts are inspired by their most prominent athletes, alongside more general workouts that have helped to build them into some of the most successful teams on the planet.

You will have the option to train like a pro using structured workouts, designed around the best rides in the world, scaled to your FTP. 

These workouts can be done on-demand, so you can workout anytime. Find these in the workout library in-game.

There will be scheduled group workouts where this training can be done alongside the community.

If you’re wanting to get involved in community conversations or see how others are doing, visit our Community Forum Page.