Ready, Set, ZWIFT!

Ready, Set, ZWIFT!

ON 24 de noviembre de 2014 by Andrew Burke

Everybody loves riding outdoors. When the sun is filtering through the trees, the birds are calling to each other and the crisp, morning wind whips against your face, each pedal stroke is almost magical. And that sense of adventure from exploring new roads, or that feeling of achievement from conquering new challenges is even sweeter when shared with a group of friends or teammates.

But let’s get real – we aren’t all professional cyclists with dedicated hours a day to ride. Life happens, work gets in the way, that random rain storm comes out of nowhere…We all know that feeling when you realize it’s a riding inside kind of day. There’s a reason it’s called “the pain cave”.

Three kids, a demanding job and 3,500 miles away from his old teammates and the racing scene in Central Park, Eric Min (aka Kyoo) found himself resigned to riding indoors in rainy old London. It was mind-numbing, lonely, and it wasn’t fun.


Meanwhile, halfway around the world in LA, Jon Mayfield found himself working long hours and returning home late to his family every night. There was nothing fun about the idea of riding in the dark after a long day so he tried every indoor training software he could get his hands on. Uninspired by his options, Jon decided to take matters into his own hands.

As different as the two backgrounds of Eric and Jon, Zwift is about merging two opposing worlds – fitness and entertainment – through cycling.

Entertainment conjures up a long list of activities – watching TV, listening to music, going to concerts or the theater – that all revolve around time spent watching healthy, fit people entertain you. Fitness is the opposite. Going to the gym, running on your treadmill, staring at the wall riding on your indoor trainer – they all get you in shape, but they’re not necessarily entertaining or fun.

Can fitness be entertaining? We think so.

Zwift is a fitness entertainment platform. It combines the real world fitness benefits of cycling with the best of massive multiplayer video game technology to bring the things we love about outdoor cycling indoors.

Built on a long-standing passion for the sport of cycling, Zwift is a company of dedicated cyclists that also happen to be experienced software and video game developers. Created by cyclists for cyclists, Zwift’s mission is to make indoor cycling as fun, entertaining and engaging as outdoor cycling. Because, hey, we can’t always ride outdoors.

We’re building an online community of like-minded athletes united in the pursuit of a better indoor training experience. We hope to see you in the pack soon.