Friday, January 26th
6:00PM GMT
Brighton Marathon Training
Group Ride
Welcome to Brighton Marathon Training. I'm Stephen and I'll be leading most of the sessions. In this series we will be running twice a week. There is an interval session every Wednesday and a 90 minute medium long run every Friday. Everyone is welcome even if you are not joining us in Sussex UK for the Brighton Marathon and 10k on April 7th.

The interval sessions will raise your HR to near max over the course of the next 13 weeks. The medium long runs can be done at conversational pace. These sessions will benefit you if you are training for any spring marathon as well as any shorter distance races you have planned.

The runs will be live streamed on the Zwift Run Channel at a new window There's is always good support if you join us in the chat on the live stream

During the sessions I will be testing out the brand new Noble Pro Elite E10i treadmill which you can get with my 4% discount code at http://gonoblepro.ukOpens a new window

Finally these sessions are organised by the FMR Club on Zwift and we will be wearing the FMR kit for each run. Complete one session with us and the kit is yours. Join the FMR Club here a new window