Wednesday, May 17th
9:15AM GMT
ZHR Masters Race (22.6 mi / 36.4 km)
Over 30, 40, 50+ and racing on Zwift?
Looking for age-based categories, not w/kg?
Want to know that the people you're racing are real and verified, like in real-life? This is the race for you!
This is pre-registered, verified racing in age-based groups and points awarded to a league with rankings. Age verification is compulsory for results and points to be awarded. Verification should be submitted online: a new window
You MUST add ZHR and your Age Category, e.g., John Smith ZHR(C). The Categories are divided into 5-year bands as per UCI regulations:
A 30-34 years
B 35-39 years
C 40-44 years
D 45-49 years
E 50-54 years
F 55-59 years
G 60 and above
Female riders race two categories up e.g. a 42 year old woman would race as Category E, following the model of the UK League of Veteran Racing Cyclists.
No TT bikes
Power-ups are allowed
You can use our Discord channel to talk to each other:
Please join our Strava Group: a new window
Please go to a new window for more details.
ZHR Masters Race - Race Results
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