Saturday, May 15th
1:00PM GMT
Zwift Insider Badge Hunters - Mega Pretzel Edition
Group Ride
Join Zwift Insider creator Eric Schlange and lots of friends from the Zwift Community to conquer this month's Badge Hunters course! Earn your route badge (and bonus XP) or just get in a hard, long effort if the badge is already yours. There is no set pace: find a group that works for you.

Watopia's Mega Pretzel takes us up the Epic and Hilly KOMs in both directions, as well as the Volcano KOM. We also visit the Jungle Circuit... twice! Learn more about the route at a new window

Want company? Join voice chat on Zwift Insider's Discord server - it helps the hours fly by: a new window

Note: we've set up two categories to keep group sizes smaller and reduce glitches from large pelotons. Join any category you'd like, but if you're concerned with your device handling heavy traffic, look for the category with fewer riders. All event riders will be visible on course.

This is a double draft ride with only useful powerups awarded at each banner. Ride smart for maximum efficiency!

Zwift Insider Badge Hunters - Mega Pretzel Edition (A) - Race Results
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